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Not Bob (score & parts)

This chart, which was written to be a “closer”, was completed just a couple of days before it was to be performed by the Colorado Jazz Orchestra on a summer outdoor concert in 2009. We had selected the rest of the program earlier and, as it turned out, almost all of the pieces were composed and/or arranged by someone named Bob (Mintzer, Curnow, Florence, Brookmeyer, etc). Once I realized that, the title was easy…

It’s a “tenor battle” at the end between the tenor saxophone soloists. The tune is a contrafact over Cherokee chord changes. Not Bob is the final track on the ENTER AUTUMN CD by the DCJO.


Shuffle  q = 260

Difficulty Level: V
Trumpet Range: E6


Solos: Tenor 1, Tenor 2, Guitar (or Piano), Drums

Not Bob (score & parts)

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