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Epilogue (score & parts)


(from the ROMEO AND JULIET PROJECT by UNC Jazz lab band 1)


Epilogue is an original composition inspired by the Shakespeare play, Romeo and Juliet and was part of the University of Northern Colorado's Romeo and Juliet Project in 2017. Following the events of the tragedy, Romeo and Juliet are both gone and everyone is feeling intense sorrow and loss in the aftermath. This place of sorrow is where the Epilogue begins. Romeo and Juliet are imagined in the afterlife trying to find each other and then having one last conversation. The tenor saxophone is Romeo – the soprano saxophone is Juliet. The original recording of EPILOGUE by UNC Jazz Lab Band I can be found on Apple Music.


Swing  q = 92

Difficulty Level: IV
Trumpet Range: Bb5

Solos: Tenor Sax, Soprano Sax

Epilogue (score & parts)

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