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Carnival Night (score & parts)

Carnival Night begins with two marimba players on one instrument playing an introspective rubato introduction. An expressive tenor saxophone solo is introduced over the continuing marimba background. A mesmerizing Latin beat is launched and the tenor sax improvises over  changes. After a powerful brass statement of the first theme, the tune takes off at quarter note = 120 and never lets up. Trumpet 2 has a solo in the Samba section of the arrangement. Listen to the recording of the DCJO playing Carnival Night on ALL IN ONE.


Latin to Samba  q = 120

Difficulty Level: V
Trumpet Range: G6

5/4/4/GPBD/2 Marimba Players (Requires WW doubles.)

Solos: Marimbas, Tenor, Trumpet


Carnival Night (score & parts)

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