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Brazilian Dances for Brooklyn

Brazilian Dances for Brooklyn – This piece was written for the composer’s granddaughter Brooklyn, who is an outstanding dancer at a young age. The composition progresses through three Brazilian dance styles. It begins as a light, expressive Bossa Nova, building to a Baiao feel with the featured Tenor Saxophonist then soloing over a Samba groove. It peaks with a rousing return to the Baiao feel. There is a drum solo that is highlighted by interplay with the full ensemble. This is an exciting piece that should be a hit with concert (and dance) audiences!


Style: Bossa – Baiao – Samba      q=110

Difficulty Level: V

Trumpet Range: E6

5/4/4/GPBD (Flute doubles in AAT1; clarinet doubles in T2B)

Solos: Tenor Sax, Drums

Brazilian Dances for Brooklyn

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